"Don't let a negative moment create negative momentum."

June 11, 2018

One consistent issue we face in coaching clients towards their personal fitness goal is "setbacks". What happens when we are working hard toward achieving something great and find ourselves sabotaging our momentum.  We let a moment of weakness, like eating a bad meal or missing a workout because our favorite excuse won on the night, lead to a weekend or longer of bad choices all the while telling ourselves, "We will start again on Monday." 


Everyone who has a fitness goal has fallen prey to this mindset and if it isn't checked it becomes the recipe for the Yo-Yo lifestyle.  So how do we overcome it?  


Step 1) Recognize It 


Call it what it is,  A mistake. A moment of weakness.  An opportunity to make a change to an old failing mindset. Do this as soon as possible.  For some it may take a few hours or even a day to become conscious of the Moment. Progress is training your mind to recognize it quicker and course correct quicker.


Step 2) Take Action


Make a deliberate decision to do something NOW to course correct.  Stop eating it. Drink some water. Go on a walk. Speak out loud to yourself and recommit to your goal. Do not procrastinate. 


Step 3) Let It Go


"No one has ever gotten fit by eating one perfect meal or gotten out of shape by one terrible meal." (unknown author)  There is no benefit  to shaming yourself or making yourself feel guilty.  These emotions are not useful in reaching your fitness goals, so let them go.  


Lastly, remember living a healthy lifestyle doesn't mean you aren't allowed to enjoy your favorite cheat meals or treats from time to time. They key is momentum.  Make positive choices be your majority and you will enjoy positive momentum.  This journey is not a straight line, stay positive, be mindful and believe in your potential to live a healthy balanced life. 


If you need or want help on your journey we would love the opportunity to pertner with you on your journey. 

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