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           STEVE HOLMGREN 


Personal Trainer and Fitness Professional for over sixteen years.


“It is NEVER too late to take charge of your life.” This is central to Steve's confidence in physical fitness and healthy living. He believes that anyone can begin to feel strong and vibrant through a healthy plan of physical exercise. He has the experience and motivation necessary to help you achieve your fitness goals, no matter where you may be today.


Key Strengths:

 - Motivating people of all ages

 - Physical fitness

 - Guiding adults and children to a better way of life


You don’t need to wear a professional jersey to be an athlete. You owe it to yourself to thrive in life and enjoy a fit, strong body!

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           IRA BALDWIN 

Personal Trainer and Fitness Professional for over fifteen years.


Ira is dedicated to helping each client achieve their fitness goals. He has helped clients from many walks of life achieve a better quality of life. Through each of his training sessions, you will feel your mind and body challenged to a new way of life.


Key Strengths:

 - Weight loss

 - Strength training

 - Nutrition 

 - Mindset Coaching


I love helping clients achieve results they didn’t believe were possible. I take ownership of each client’s goals and won’t stop until we reach those goals.

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           CYNDI NEALON 


Fitness, health and wellness is my passion, I love helping others discover the benefits of a healthy lifestyle through exercise and good nutrition! I believe with knowledge and motivation anyone can make that change no matter what their situation, or health challenges may be. I have worked w/hundreds of clients ranging in age from 14-82 and w/many different goals ranging from weight loss to weight gain, from improving athletic performance to pre/post natal fitness. I have also worked w/a variety of "special populations" and seen significant results in clients with many different impairments/health concerns such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, cancer, fibromyalgia, MS, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, scoliosis, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, hip replacement and more.


Key Strengths:

- Weight loss/body sculpting

- Nutritional counseling

- Core strengthening/pos-rehab fitness

- Fitness for "special populations"

- Pilates instructor

- Post-rehab specialist

- 20 yrs experience


There is always a higher level of health and wellness to be reached through exercise and good nutrition no matter what one's circumstances or limitations may be!

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Mitch has been working in the fitness and performance field since 2006; over time he has worked as a personal trainer, strength coach for sports teams, university instructor, and counselor. Mitch believes that health, fitness, and performance all rely on a combination of mental and physical health.   Working with Mitch means creating goals and reaching those through changes in health skills and lifestyle habits. 
Key Strengths:
- Body Composition (Fat Loss and Muscle Gain)
- Sport Performance
- Holistic Health
You only get one body, invest time and energy into your health and wellness and it will pay you back more than you can imagine.
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